Thursday, November 10, 2011

November Giveaway! - Sweet Pink Banane Taipei worth RM 360!

hye peeps!
come n join november giveaway by TGIF Malaysia!

A Banane Taipei Bag! In sweet pink, worth RM 360!!

It is an absolute MUST HAVE, being spotted on many celebrities, TV Shows and Magazines!

Fish Leong, our Malaysian singer is seen carrying a sweet pink one!

And as seen on television shows...
As well as magazines!

This giveaway is really simple, follow the instructions and the winner will be announced on 1 December!
Giveaway ends on 11.59 p.m ( Malaysian time) , 30 November 2011 and is open internationally.


tiefazatie said...

moga ada rezeki ifa..amin..

LiLy @ MumMyQiStInA said...

Good Luck ifa..
sgt cantik Beg tu..
moga ada rezeki ifa lagi.. ^_^

Cik tikah said...

wah, macam menarik je :)

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

beg pink ni cumil la. warna sweet jer...

tiefazatie said...

lily: tq sis..comel kan sis..amin..mudah2an sis..=)

cik tikah: mmg menarik dear..join la..=)

ummidania: comel kan kanak2..hehe

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