Sunday, April 15, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers

salam peeps!hye2..kali nie ifa nak cuba nasib untuk dapatkan tiket the avengers from nuffnang!hee..tak salah kan kte mencuba..ada rezeki..syukur alhamdullilah..

soalannya ialah:
what superhero would you be if you could create a new member for The Avenger's team and how would you save the world?

erm..for me..because there are only one superwoman in The Avenger's,of course i would like to add one more superwoman in the team!the power that i would have is i can change to be what ever animal  i want!i can disguise myself!so,that the enemies cant trace who is me and where am i..then i can attack the enemies in the animal shape!with the suitable power that can defeat the enemies..=)

i will told u guys some of my power that can be used to save the world!again..some of the power..because i can be what ever animal that i wanna be right??hehe..

first of all,i can change to be a bat!as u guys know..bat have a supersonic power in hearing!i can used this ability to figure out where is the enemies by trace the sound that they make!

second,i can change to a wolf!wolf have a strong power to fight with the enemies!wolf also can smell the enemies scent!then it can find the enemies first!or maybe it can find a suitable place to hind before make a move!wolf can move very fast u know..

third,i change to a cute kitten!of course it have a stalker ability!for sure the enemies cannot figure out that this cute kitten will be the stalker for The Avenger's team!

fourth, i can change to a dragon!erm..what did u except from a dragon??of course a powerful power!the king of the animal..yaa..i can be like that..awesome right??

fifth,i can change to a tiger!king of the jungle! of the powerful animal..again! can smell very also can fight can claws the enemies with all it power!

so,this is some of the animal that i can change to be if i want!all of it have its own ability and power!of course i can be the new member of The Avenger's!because im the only one that have this ability!for that can i have The Avenger's premiere screening ticket??because i need to watch how good or bad my acting too u know..hehe..


tiefazatie said...

hope im lucky enough peeps!

wish me luck!

MamaEma said...

good luck!!

aisya said...

gudluck sis.. harap2 kite dapat.. boleh jumpe.. hehe.. xmcm hari tu masing2 xberani nk tegur.. kelakar plak..

tiefazatie said...

mamaema: tq sis!

aisya: tq dear..amin2..insyaallah..hehe..tau xpe..kali nie..mesti tegur!haha

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

goodluck! lookin forward to see you there :)

tiefazatie said...

muhammad saiazuan norhalik: tq!insyaallah..mudah2an..=)

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