Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mya Elzara 3th Birthday Giveaway

hye peeps!
ifa nak join Mya Elzara 3th Birthday Giveaway nie..
best la nama adik nie...sis ifa nak wish sikit ye...
this cute card for u mya

wish u will get a cute cake like this mya

also a nice poem for u darl...=)

Three bright candles on your cake
Two proud parents your day to make
One and only birthday girl
(Fairy princess give a twirl
Bright as a button, cute and belle,
Fairy princess weave your spell.)

Here's wishing you the most happy day
Perfect and magical in every way
For you our love and biggest kiss
This day we surely would not miss
With one wave of your magic wand
Happy Birthday...and all days beyond.

Pauline Oliver

amin ya allah...moga adik mya sentiasa dirahmati allah..

p/s: credit to google for the pictures and poem..=)


tiefazatie said...

wish me lucky peeps!hadiah die best!hihi

Mya Elzara Batrisya said...

Salam Ifa... Wahhh sgt..sgt...sgt.. bestttt n3 yg ifa buat untuk Mya Elzara... Huhuhu terharu akak!...

Semoga Ifa antara yg bertuah nnt yer...

Terima Kasih sgt2....

tiefazatie said...

mya: salam ke..macih2..ikhlas nie kak..bestnye akak terharu...insyaallah kak..sama2..=)

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