Sunday, November 7, 2010

2nd Giveaway by feltralicious!

hye peeps!
ifa nak join 2nd giveaway by feltralicious!
sempena dengan birthday beliau!

ifa nak wish happy belated birthday!
may allah bless u always dear..
wish u all the best in ur life!

a cute wishes for u!

wish u will get birthday cakes like this..=)

and of course a lots of present for u..=)

lastly..there are something i want to wish to u..

Your Birthday!

Today's extra special
because its your birthday!
we'll eat cake and ice cream
and have a lots of fun

Its seems like just yesterday
you were brand new
and now, there are so many things
you can do

We'll light your birthday candle
and make a big fuss
to be sure that you know
you're precious to us

Today's extra special
because its your birthday!
and the best thing of all is
your life's is just begun!

thats all from me..
wish u have a great birthday celebration this year..=)
all the best in life yaaa...
Amiin Ya ALLAH


tiefazatie said...

wish me luck tau!

feltralicious said...

nice,good luck.hikhikhik

ardinihumaira said...

kalau menang kasi dni adiah tau. hiksss

tiefazatie said...

feltralicious: tq sis..hihi..mana tau leh curi hati sis...hihi

dni: camne tue?bahagi dua kte?hehe

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