Friday, November 26, 2010

Stop Child Abuse


hye peeps!come n join it!!!please raise your hand and stop the child abuse!for my 1st entry...i want to talk about physical abuse...what is the physical abuse??

"Physical abuse is non-accidental physical injury of a child inflicted by a parent or caretaker which ranges from superficial bruises and welts to broken bones, burns, serious internal injuries and in some cases, death. The definition of physical abuse includes actions that create a substantial risk of physical injury to the child."

i really dont like poor when a child being abuse...whether by their own parent or it they dont have any heart or feeling?cant they love them with full of heart?a child is a gift from GOD..they should happy with it..they have to take a good care of their own child..

cant they think how lucky are their being a parent?cant their appreciate it?because in this world there are some parent cant get their own sad...they just can give their love to their adopted child...but truly deeply in their heart...i think...they still want their own child from their own blood..

so..i still dont understand..why..some parent or caretaker that have their own child...doing all of this stupid things??poor the child..they didnt even doing anyhing wrong..the parent should love their own child!

do you know that
victims of child abuse suffer medical and developmental problems requiring long term health, mental health and special education services.

do you know that child abuse leads to other problems—long term health and mental health problems, drug addiction, runaways, juvenile violence and adult crime. Most violent prisoners in our jails were abused or neglected as children.

do you know that child abuse is costly for society, as well as for its victims.

last but not least..
raise your hand,stop child abuse now!
enjoy this video peeps...

credit to google for the information,pictures and video!


tiefazatie said...

wish im the lucky one peeps!

Cheqna said...

I support this campaign sis, children are here for us to love.

Good of you to raise this matter.

tiefazatie said...

cheqna: yup sis!they need a love from us not being abuse!

tq sis..actually this one of nuffnang campaign rite now sis..=)

N@di@ said...

ifa nadia dok teragak2 nk join dah lama nih xjoin2 ifa pun dah join hahha nadia xpndai nk nulis apa macm ifa aiyakk

tiefazatie said...

nadia: haha..ifa tau..ifa nampak nad ada komen nie..haha..ala nad..ifa search je info sikit2..pastu olah ayat je nie...haha..lgpun randomly je kan winner die..hihi..try je..mana tau bertuah..haha

Sern said...

ad tengok satu video kat FB.budak ditanam hidup2..kesian nye..huhu..blaku kat amazon..


tiefazatie said...

sern: ye ke..isk2..xmo la tgk..huhu..

Anonymous said...

I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

NeidIyra said...

ifa : secara jujur nye..
neidy dop tahu ape2 sal entry nih..
sbab english version kot..
dop pandai ar nok bace..
jgn mara~

HAZWAN17 said...

gudluck ifa

tiefazatie said...

ned: ye ke..xpe la..yg penting jgn menganiaya kanak2 tau2..

hazwan17: tq wak...=]

ardinihumaira said...

Goodluck ifa cayunk!

tiefazatie said...

dni: tq darl..hihi

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