Sunday, March 6, 2011

Opening Giveaway@FashionTwister

hye peeps!
ifa wanna join this opening giveaway@FashionTwister !!..

what is fashion twister means for me??

for all sweet happy individual! omg never
think would i smile this evening recently??

first of all please read this t&c clearly yaa peeps..
than u guys can happily...
buy this very very affordable ladies stuff!!
just from FashionTwister okies...=)

secondly...absolutely u guys need
to read this payment&shipping matter..
so u guys can know how to paid and..
estimate how much u guys will spend at FashionTwister!!!

so this is the details about shipping cost...
and also a memo that said..
postage will only be sent out every wednesday only yaa..

then u guys can find this..
label categories at FashionTwister blog!
its easy for u to find what stuff that u want to buy..
bag - very comfortable and nice to be use!
dress - very gorgeous and sweet to be wear!
shirt - very smart to be wear!
skirt - very awesome and cute to be wear!
top - very nice and good looking to be wear!

and ofcourse all of this ladies stuff are..
very very affordable prices that u guys can buy!!
the prices are between rm30.00 until to rm77.00 only!!
see it still under rm100.00 ....
than u guys can happily buy want u want!

want to see all the cute,awesome,nice,smart and gorgeous ladies stuff??
and of course it was a trendy and fabulous korean style babe!!

so cool rite?just nice and very affordable ok!
no need to go anywhere!
seat infront of your lappy or pc..
just on9 and search FashionTwister..
then u can got what u want already!!
just by a click!
and happily wait it arrived infront or your house babe!

last but not least..
actually FashionTwister having their
opening giveaway right now!
so what u guys waiting for??
i wanna tag nadia and mizayusof
and ofcourse all of u!!
a mystery gift for the best entry!!
can i win it??dreaming of it...=)

why FashionTwister?
have a nice and simple layout..easy to surf..
a very very afforfable ladies stuff here!
a fabulous and adoreable trendy korean style peeps!
and finally...
awesome giveaway that i join!like to win it..=)

may u have a lot of customer FashionTwister!

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tiefazatie said...

wish me lucky peeps!

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