Saturday, July 3, 2010

got the handbag odi!

hye peeps!
im so happy u know...

yesterday..i got the handbang odi!

my father took it from pos laju..
hihi..maybe the posmen afraid to leave it..

i win it from toys4toddlers!
i joined her
mother's day giveaway...
and i among the 5 winners...

thanx a lot sis!!

love the handbag!
its so big..seriously..=)
i will give it to my mum..
now enjoy the pictures that i took..=)

nice rite!believe it peeps!


tiefazatie said...

tq sis..=)
waiting 4 da others gift to arrive..hihihi

Cheqna said...

congrats!..waiting 4 others?

.not from me ek, tak de contest2 pun..hehehe..


tiefazatie said...

cheqna: yup..hihi..ifa saja join..isi masa lapang..di samping support kawan2 lain..=)

Sherry said...

wah cantik!! hehe.. congrats

now check out for chance to win prom shoes :D

tiefazatie said...

sherry: tq sis...hihi..=)

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