Saturday, July 31, 2010

GRAND giveaway : mamakuQis BIG giveaway

hye peeps!arrghhh..dunno why..huhu...
xde idea yang menarik nie adeh...waa!!!
this is the grand giveaway by mamakuQis!!!
but i still want to try!hihihi..
neway i loike this picture!so cute!hihi

first of all..
for sure all of u want to get know what is mamakuQis actually rite???

"mamakuQis is our passion in creating and producing high quality cookies all year round. Debuted in 2007, our famous product has received several offers for commercialization. With this encouragement, in August 2009, our brand name ‘mamakuQis was established specializing in Chocolate Chip All-Nuts cookies. We are currently maintaining our product as home-made, thus ensuring high quality at affordable low price. We keep on improving and will continue searching for opportunities."

there are 3 important people behind mamakuQis debuted!

en.mohd basri hamzah..
pn.azizah abu samah..
pn.hana basri..
1 cute n happy family get together to bring up this mamakuQis..=)

so now...we go to the main product of mamakuQis...
specialized in chocolate chip all nuts cookies..
the price is affordable by everyone..=)
i dont lie..i told the truth!
sangat berbaloi2 dengan handmade cookies yang sangat penuh dengan chips n nuts..=)
like my bro said "bestnye!macam famous amos la tie!"

RM25/box (320g approx)

RM14/box (170g approx)

and mamakuQis service are for...

mamakuQis also provide
a custommade cookies/packaging that suits your own preferences and occasion..

5LilPAck for a birthday party

smallbox for sponsoring event

lovelygiftbasket for corporate customers

cookiesmonster for birthday bash

and many more!
as mamakuQis said "We can turn your wish into a masterpiece! "

owh yaa...there are also a reviewed by the participants of mamakuQis BIG giveaway!
inculding me..hihihi..=)
so please click here for the more details yaa...

reviewed 1

"best sgt2 cookies mamakuQis nie..
my bro ckp cam famous amos u...
mmg byk chocolate chips+kacang2 lagi.."

reviewed 2

"Biskut ni Aku tak tipu lah mmg sedap sangat - sangat tak rasa manis sgt dan rangup gile kacang gajus berketul - ketul .. siap ade coklat chip lagi , Serius SeDAp..."

reviewed 3

"best nye cookies ni...rasa sebijik mcm famos amos..sgt rangup dan sedap...ishs ish...dh nak abis sekotak ni hanim mkn sorang2 sambil surf internet harga yer? nak orderlah!!"

mamakuQis also not only blogging about her life only..
there are a lots of thing that her blogging..
as u guys can see from the labels..
there are a lots type of label rite??
owh yaa..but as u guys can see..
mamakuQis focusing on family n my2cents
but me loves celebration,family and kids..
it is becoz..
i love the way sis hana write about it..=)
especially about my lil qist..there are 4 part all of it..
its so nice n sweet sis...
i like it so much!

mamakuQis also have "share" button but only on a certain blog post..=)
so open up ur eyes widely when u read sis hana blog post yaa...

as u can see it on the latest blog post the have this "share" button

last but not least..mamakuQis also have FB fanpage..=)
its so nice rite??
im very sure that most of u have FB..
so why not u guys like it..=)
and keep searching what makes mamakuQis is interesting!
becoz i like it odi!!!

u guys also can find this like button in mamakuQis blog!!!
its so easy rite???
just click on it n u odi become the fan of mamakuQis!!!

me also have my favourite mamakuQis blog post!!!
like me said early...
me like so much about the my lil qist blog post..=)
its so beautiful..nice....sweet...
the way sis hana write about it...
all the lovely pictures...
its so touching..believe me guys!
please read it!

my lil qist..the HONEYMOON days

my lil qist..the NEW days

my lil qist.. the FIRST year

my lil qist..the CELEBRATION night

i L.O.V.E reading simply becoz...
eventhough mamakuQis blog is about handmade cookies but its still have a variety and interesting entires that can teach us about life..its makes me drop by here everyday!!!

p/s: im really happy that i can get know u sis..u r so nice n sweet sis..may allah bless u and ur family always..amin..=)

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wish me luck guys..=)

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