Saturday, July 24, 2010

tq redribbonboutique!

hye guys!
today i want to update the prizes that i have received..=)
first of all...
tq soo much to redribbonboutique!!!!
i got odi the tshirt+keychain..
its so smart n lovely..
hihi..ow ya...
my bro take odi the keychain..
so i dont have the picture..sorry..
but u still can enjoy see the smart tshirt..=D

smart rite??
looks like indie style..hihi


tiefazatie said...

lucky me!tq dear!

Joel Leslie said...

komen entry lama. bestt nyerr bj ni. it is just my type :)

tiefazatie said...

joel: tq..hee..ifa dh bg my bro nie..haha

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