Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mummy Qila & Ariq First GA

hye peeps!

ifa suka baca life sis n family nie..serius comel!
segalanya la..anak2..shopping2..hihi
bahagia betol family sis nie..
moga akan terus bahagia selama-lamanya..
dengan anak2 yang comel2 belaka..=)
happy 4th anniversary sis!
meh ifa nak pantun sikit..hee..

nie ada poem untuk sis ek..
happy 4th anniversary sis!

Four years? No, it cannot be that long!
Only yesterday you two were married!
Unplug the sundial! The shadow must be wrong!
Rotating somethings somewhere have miscarried!
Yet so it is -- four years have passed already,
Even as the moment is still here.
As time moves on, the miracle holds steady --
Real life, real love, far more than one can bear,
Simply, truly, beautifully there.

may allah bless u and family always..amin..


tiefazatie said...

wish me luck peeps!

Lea IsNaw! said...

gudluck ifa!

masuk contest sokmo die..

icee-yah said...

waa..romantic giler poems:)

tiefazatie said...

lea: tq!hihi..last minute nie lalink..

tiefazatie said...

icee: ye ke..hee...=)

LiLy @ MumMyQiStInA said...

Good Luck ifa.. ^_^

tiefazatie said...

lily: tq so much sis!

Lelord said...

hehehee pheeweeet

tiefazatie said...

lelord: hihi..nape sis?

IntaNBerliaN said...


tiefazatie said...

intanberlian: tq sis..hee..=)

nanakimie said...

congrats dear:)comey je lampu tu..hehe

tiefazatie said...

nanakimie: tq dear..aah..geram!hihi

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