Friday, July 2, 2010

how lucky i am!

hye peeps!alhamdullilah..the last suprised for is the winner for mylovelyribbonsnlacesgiveaway!!!im sooooo happy u very suprised becoz im so lucky to win this giveaway..the prizes are so many+useable for me u know..

so i can share it wif my mum n my sisters..hihihi..alhamdullilah..syukur sangat2..murah rezeki ifa awal bulan 7 nie..diharap ifa cepat dapat keje juga ye..amin..doakan ifa ye..=)

tq so much
sis izzah..i really appreciate it..hihihi..i odi email the details to sis..hope u got it..=)..n i also want to ask all of u to go to sis izzah blog..she so creative..and there are a lots of ribbon n laces that u guys can buy there..the prices are so me..=)...can i show the pictures of the prizes...take a good look ya..hihihi..thanx again sis izzah..all the best 4 u sis..=)

1 comment:

tiefazatie said...

sangat bersyukur...=)..boleh di-share wif my mum n my sisters..tq sis izzah!

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