Friday, January 28, 2011

Sinfully Stitched 1st Giveaway

hye peeps!
ifa join Sinfully Stitched 1st Giveaway nie...
serius hadiahnya sangat2 best!
follow this instruction...=)

FOR Bloggers
  1. You MUST be a FOLLOWER of Sinfully Stitched! (Hint - Click the FOLLOW button on the right hand column of this blog)
  2. You MUST LIKE my Sinfully Stitched page on FB. (Goto Sinfully Stitched and click LIKE)
  3. You MUST add my badge to your blog. (Hint - The badge is on the right hand column of this blog)
  4. You MUST add an entry in your blog promoting this GA to your other bloggers.
  5. You MUST include this badge in the entry. (Hint - Copy this code and paste it in the Add Image section )
  6. Finally you MUST leave a comment in THIS post stating the following details:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Blog URL

so simple right??hope im the lucky one..=)


tiefazatie said...

wish me lucky peeps!

Papakeechee said...

salam tiefazatie ... ur blog so PINK!!! i sukerr ^_^

btw semua dah complete and the banner tu jenuh la menunggu i punya banner keluar ... heeheh ...thanks for the support yer and good luck! ^_^

Papakeechee said...

ala did u get my earlier message??? my internet bengong tadi ^_^

tiefazatie said...

papakeechee: salam sis..hihi..sorry..baru on9 nie..hihi..tq2...ala..simple blog sis..=D..alolo...kdg2 banner tue tersekat sis..skrg nie banner sis num5 nie ifa cek..sori la..ifa gle join ga n kontest nie..huhu..

so dah ok la kan2..tq sis..=)

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