Friday, June 17, 2011

1st Wedding Anniversary Giveaway

hye peeps!
senang dan simple je kawan2..hee..jum join!
happy anniversary sis!moga cepat dapat baby..hihi..
wishes for u..=)

Remember the first flush of love
that drew you powerfully together?
It still feeds the unassailable bond
that makes your marriage so secure.
Remember all the qualities about each other
you found so endearing?
They are still there,
and new ones create sweet surprises.
Remember thinking that this love
would last forever?
Your love has strengthened and grown
into eternal affection and admiration.
Years from now, you'll look back
at this anniversary
and realize you love each other
more than ever.

Happy Anniversary!

may allah bless both of u..=)


tiefazatie said...

moga ada rezeki ifa..=)

fiQ'Ra said...

insyaAllah :) mcm nk join juga je..hehe

tiefazatie said...

fiqra: okies..gewd luck~!

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