Saturday, August 7, 2010

Red Ribbon RAYA giveaway contest (4th)

hye peeps!me want to join RedRibbonBoutique giveaway again!
try my luck again..hihihi..=p
hope i can get the new korean dress from RRB for this raya..
there is three WISHLIST for RAYA!!!!

my first wishlist for raya are MNG Vintage Wallet/Bag!

For me eventhough,these BRAND NEW MNG Vintage wallet/bag is non authentic but from what i see it has a really good quality and very vintage!!!and it also can be used as a wallet or a sling just nice for me as a girl whose dont have a permanent job yet to use it..this MNG Vintage wallet/bag also can be used in many event as long as it suitable with the i mention can be used as a wallet and also as a sling bag..i can use it as a wallet during HARI RAYA!!or maybe it more easier if i used it as sling bag!!!omg!!imagine how gorgeous i would be on the 1st of HARI RAYA???*melting*

this is the design that i like most among 3 design that RRB have..*wink*=)

my second wishlist for raya are BlackDress/Top!

i love this BlackDress/Top so much!its so gorgeous!!!first of all,its benefits are free size!it can be fit from S to L!!!so nice rite?? was in a black suitable for not too slim or too big..just nice la my this colour matching with me!eventhough i love pink colour..but sometimes..we need to choose a nice dress for ourself rite??as for wearing a i just can matching this blackdress/top with slimfit jeans or legging!and also with a long jacket...waahhh!marvellous!awesome!it just nice to wear by me..=)..its still "menutup aurat" rite??..but stylo enough for me to be shown as a fashionable person..=)

this is the gorgeous BlackDress/Top for me!

my third wishlist for raya are BubbleBeigeDinnerDress!

it just a nice and awesome BubbleBeigeDinnerDress for me!this dinner dress simple and not too heavy design for me..=) for me..i can use an inner..that i would wear with this dinner dress..and also if this dinner dress long until my knee..i can use a long brown boot to match with it!nice+stylo rite???hihihi..or maybe if i cant find a suitable long boot..i also can wear a legging or maybe white or brown slimfit jeans with!wah!gorgeous rite??hihihi..

nice rite this dinner it!..=)

im sorry if im to expose myself..=p..but i love myself..hihihi..wish me have a luck with u dear..=)..owh ya..about upcoming raya...for sure i will celebrate it with my family at malacca and johor...usually we will celebrate the 1st hari raya at malacca and 2nd day of hari raya at johor..hihihi...both my kampung are near lorh...hihi...malacca is my mum kampung..and johor is my dad kampung..erm..but sadly..both my mum n dad grandparents odi pass away..=(..but it still fun and enjoyable for me celebrate it with all my cousins..aunties...uncles...hihihihi..we still have our own big family is for each of get know the latest news about each others..=)

about was a great blogshop!!all the items being divide nicely into a suitable group..such as on sale,female,male and others..all the information about the items also being told very details...such as about the price, the size,the colour and others..the pictures of the items also being taken nicely and more details..the RedRibbonBoutique blog also being design so nice and gorgeous!with the great red colour!it was a friendly user for the customer to get used easy to find all the information about RedRibbonBoutique!it also have all the updated fashion for us!!come n see by urself!

that all from me for u dear..
hope im lucky to be the one..=)
ifa nak tag..


tiefazatie said...

wish me luck peeps!

Red Ribbon Boutique said...

darling, hope you are the one of the two lucky contestants ya... :)

tiefazatie said...

rrb: i hope so dear..hee...=)

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