Thursday, August 12, 2010

my "g" a day b4 ramadhan..=)

hye peeps!just want to share with u guys my "g" that i buy a day b4 ramadhan!erm..for me..i love chicken mcdeluxe more than gcb!hahaha...xbest okie gcb itu! just buy 3 set of gcb,1 set of happymeal,6 pieces of apple pie,1 sundae strawberry and 1 sundae chocolate!

1set gcb for my mum n my my dad
1set gcb for ajie n faisal
1set gcb for me n aziema
1set happymeal for fakhri
6pieces of apple each one are for my mum,my dad,ajie,fakhri,faisal n me..aziema dont want it..
both sundae are for 6 of us! did not eat it too much..juz give it to aziema to finish it!haha..dont like it..miahaha..i just eat the fries, some sundae and drink the coke! gcb not nice look like it the tv okie...=p..there is it!

before it being open!

after it being open!
see it!haha!

nice pie apple!
love it!

haha..thats all i want to share about my "g" with u guys!

1 comment:

tiefazatie said...

i love mcd!but chicken mcdeluxe la i like most!hihi

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