Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Round Robin-oh Mashitah

hye peeps! so suprise okie!bro Is!!u have ur own band and also write ur own song with the band members!wah2!awesome bro!miahaha!!luar biasa!i never thought u will come out with a band!seriously!haha..evendowh i know u love singing!haha..teringat plak masa battle of the band kat umskal okie...haha..Is2..hihi...gewd luck bro!

okie...bro Is band name are RoundRobin!!!erm..the meaning if im not mistaken...algorithm yang tiada penghujung...something like that la..haha..ifa chat wif him in fb ingat2 camtue je la...=p..and their coming e.p will be release early january 2011...insyaallah...pray the best for them!i heart u bro!all da best!haahaa..still can believe it!that ur voice man!hahaha..adoi pengsan!haha!

but i still cant accept??masitah??haha..y not my name bro??haha...Is cakap masitah nie nama yg fames tapi x die nak fames-kan la nie ek bro??haha..nice!love it!haha!Is paste comment on my wall it so nice!i love it..

so nie link kalu u guys nak dengar oh-masitah yg raw okie..hihi...=p..and kat bawah nie yang Is bagi link di youtube!but xberapa nice la sound die ifa lagi yg kat fb tue..hihi..=p..okie bro!ifa dah tolong promote nie..lala..die cute..sila jangan terpikat okie!Is nie my senior tau!hahaha..=p


tiefazatie said...

ifa dah tolong nie is..lala...nice x??hahaha..sdh lama tidak post n3 pjg2 okie!haha..=p

Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

video quality slack ;D
tpi best gop..
eh lawa guitar der
(guitar mahal!) =D

lily aklili said...

aku suka lagu helah...!!!

tiefazatie said...

fakhur razi: yup a little bit la..but nice song kan2..hihi..ceh..gitar lg die gi tgk tau..=p

lily: haha..ak pun! best gak masitah nie kalu tukar nama ak!miahaha

FeezMior said...

Is also my friends.. pernah karok sama2..haha..suara dia mmg mantap..

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