Tuesday, June 29, 2010

wanna know prizes for mamakuQis BIG giveaway?

hye peeps!
mamakuQis odi reveal the prizes!
and its awesome!marvellous!
i dont lie to u guys...believe me!
see it by urself peeps!
and i think maybe...
me the someone are very eager that they wrote in very very very early in the morning !!!!
hahaha...betol ka sis??
ke perasan je ifa nie..hihihi...
k..lets join it!


tiefazatie said...

hope me one of the lucky winners..hihi

Syafrizal said...

banyak nya pertandingan dia masuk hehe

tiefazatie said...

syafrizal: xde keje kan..so try my luck la..hihi

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