Wednesday, June 30, 2010

got odi the gift from sis sherry!

hye peeps!
sorry 4 da late entry...
i mean about this gift that i got..=)

i need to finish up a lots of thing first..
then i can post all the entry about...
all the gift that i got while im still at langkawi..

n after i when back home odi..

u noe why??

becoz i got odi what i win...hihi..

but still have some of them that i still didnt get..

still waiting..hihi..

evendowh i still not working..
but i still can get a side income like this rite??

hihihi.. okie!full stop!
first of all thanx a lot to sis sherry!
i got odi the gift that u post 4 me...
i think mother's day giveaway are very lucky 4 me..

because i do it for my mum...=)

i will give the gift to my mum sis sherry...

tq2!noe enjoy the pictures that i took..=)

im so happy!there are 9 items as u could see it..=)
small but very useful for me n my mum..
tqvm sis sherry!

1 comment:

tiefazatie said...

tq2!im happy wif it sis..=)

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